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DMIT in brain engineering analyzes fingerprint patterns to assess cognitive abilities and personality traits, guiding personalized learning and career paths.

Mid Brain Activation

Mid Brain Activation aims to enhance brain function, improving memory, focus, and creativity by stimulating the brain's middle region.

ESP (Extrasensory perception)

Extrasensory perception (ESP) refers to abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition, involving information acquisition beyond the known senses.

Photography Memory

Photographic memory in brain engineering focuses on enhancing and replicating the ability to recall detailed visual information with high accuracy.

QSR (Quantum Speed Reading)

Quantum signal recognition (QSR) in brain engineering analyzes neural signals at quantum levels, enhancing brain-computer interfaces and cognitive processing accuracy.

Brain Engineering

Brain engineering involves designing technologies to enhance cognitive functions, treat neurological disorders, and improve brain-computer interface capabilities.

Dynamic Memory

Dynamic memory in brain engineering focuses on enhancing and optimizing the brain's ability to adaptively store and retrieve information efficiently.

Marketing Training

Marketing training equips professionals with skills in market analysis, consumer behavior understanding, and strategic communication for effective business promotion.

After Sales Support

After sales support ensures customer satisfaction post-purchase, providing assistance, troubleshooting, and product education to enhance user experience and loyalty.

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