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In today’s competitive world of career and work environment, you need to be more attentive and smart enough to grab the best opportunities. Choosing the right career path for their children is the most important dream of every parent but it seems not to be that easy task. So being a parent you have to understand the need for appropriate Career counseling for students in order to make your child more capable to survive in a highly challenging as well as competitive work environment and achieve higher levels of growth in the career path within shortest possible time. In order to achieve this goal, you just need to get in touch with right organization who offers most reliable career counseling for your child. Definitely, the Team 360 in JAIPUR (Rajasthan) is the most appropriate organization for this important task. We are a well-known organization for providing the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test along with a counseling program as well. Generally, this test can be performed after taking 30 images of your fingerprints.

Who We Are

360 Degree Change Transformation Pvt. Ltd. working in Education field since December, 2011. We are well known company in all over India and worldwide countries. Our special programs are Midbrain Activation, DMIT, Pineal Gland (Mid-Brain) Activation, Photographic Memory Test, Extra Sensory Perception (E.S.P.), Quantum Speed Reading (Q.S.R.) and Neuro Linguistic Program (N.L.P.) develop the Personality & Brain. So far we have already imparted Training to more than 225 Franchisees spread over entire India and abroad also. So far students of more than 200 Schools have been benefitted by our workshops conducted in the school’s own premises. Due to one of the best “After-Sales-Services” being offered by us, so far more than 265 Franchisees has been awarded by us within India and abroad as well like DMIT Franchise in India, Midbrain Activation Franchise and many more, which will enable you to have your own franchisee with your individual brand.



It is a a detailed and Scientific Test which detects the Strengths and Weaknesses; personality traits, learning modes etc. of a person enabling for career counseling.

5 – 15 age group children are empowered to utilize Left & Right Brain simultaneously for better memory, confidence & identify accurate colour blindfolded.

It activates the sensory organs & enable a person to guess questions of forthcoming examinations & identify the objects put under a non-transparent bowl.

8 days Training increases memory power tremendously to enable read & comprehend about 300 – 350 words per minute (as against about 150 words per minutes).

It increases memory power tremendously to enable a person to read & comprehend summary of a book of any standard blindfolded just by flipping it for a minute.

Enables to learn mathematical / scientific formula / comprehensions quickly, memorize historical data & cure dyslexia / phobia or erase uncomfortable memory.






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We are the only pioneer organisation who has been entrusted with conducting Seminars in 200 reputed Schools of India and more than 1,76,000 students have been benefited by our Seminars. You can click the links  given below to view more videos through our Video Gallery…………….


Our Organisation has been  imparting Conceptual Training through Practical Workshops to the Franchisee. During the Concluding Session of such Workshops, the Franchisee share their First Hand Experience. You can hear about their experiences by clicking links given below to view more videos through Video Gallery……

In Career Counseling for Students What Will You Get at Team 360?

We at Team-360 started our operations in Education field since December 2011 which aims to provide a better & most appropriate career path to young children and adults too by enrolling them in some of our special programs including Career counseling for students, MidBrain Activation , DMIT Test and many more. You can also contact us for DMIT Test in Jaipur


Let’s Know About What A Career Counselor Do For You

Students have many career opportunities before them. Right from Scientists to engineers, from Chartered / Management Accountants to Entrepreneurs to Stage Artists, Singers and many more which is dreamt by them. However, availability of such a large number of career options makes it more difficult and confusing task to choose the most appropriate course. Usually, more often than not, the students end up in choosing that course and career path based on what their parents want them to do. Even some of them are lucky enough to select a career path based on current trends. At this juncture, the role of a career counselor comes in. The career counselor will thoroughly understand the student’s personality and study about his / her skills, fields of interests, the strengths as well as weaknesses. In Career Counseling for Students, Team-360 is the best Midbrain Activation Academy in India and all over the world is well equipped with well-trained counselors available for the parents and children. For the parents, our counselors will help them to understand their children’s interest / stream so that they will not force them to choose the stream according to parent’s own choice. And for students, our team will help them to explore their interest subjects enabling them to choose the right career path. Based on this research, career counselors will guide students to choose a specific career path and also propose possible alternatives and options to make their career brighter and more successful.

Why Join Team 360?

The question arises here is that why you should join Team-360? Well, in order to choose the right path for your children Team-360 not only help you in this endeavour but also we are providing many programs to enhance your little one’s brain to work more efficiently. We have successfully organized a few workshops and seminars in more than 22 states of India. Through our programs, more than 1,76,000 students have been benefited in India and abroad.