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DMIT is an fingerprint test and Team 360 is a well known DMIT Company in India. This test is conducted by taking the scanned images of ridges of one finger of hand from three different angles. Thus total 30 finger-images are taken of all 10 fingers and the scanned data is stored in a Laptop / P.C. Then a detailed, exhaustive and Scientific Report is prepared which contains the details about the Strengths and Weaknesses of the concerned person’s Brain, his / her personality traits, learning modes etc. All these data are quite helpful in choosing perfect career through Report’s counseling.

DMIT can be chosen as a career guidelines choice in order to identify the real you or your little ones. You can make your little one’s future more bright and safe by identifying their potential and ability. You just need to take the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. This test will let you know the ability of your child. There are many DMIT Company in India available to help you in identifying your little ones’ capability.

Best DMIT Company in India – TEAM 360

Basically, This test is a concept of Dermatoglyphics kind of scientific study performed to study the different patterns of fingerprints found on palm, fingers, and thumb . Team 360 is one of the Best Dmit company in India, helping many people in making the future of the child’s more bright by using fingerprint test for career. It has been scientifically proved that the ridged pattern of skin is basically developed in the 5th month of pragenency of women. As we all know that every kid is having different talent and ability which can be developed by their teachers, parents, and surroundings. For this, we send them to school and colleges but the problem is that we are not having a specific instrument of identifying the talent of kids. So to recognize a unique talent in your little ones you must perform this  test by contacting the Best DMIT company in India. At Team 360, you will get this test done very perfectly with the help of our expertise. We are here to serve you the accurate result of the test of DMIT and also offer DMIT Counselling to understand the unique ability of your child.

Why We Are Best in DMIT Companies in India?

So the question is that why to choose Team 360 for this test, Here is your answer that we are one of the Best DMIT companies in India and also a well-known educational company in all over the world. We are having many more programs available along with this Test namely, Midbrain Activation FranchiseDMIT Franchise, Photographic Memory Test, Extra Sensory Perception and more which are useful in developing the personality & brain.

Here Are a Few Reasons to Choose Us :-

  • We have successfully completed Seminars and Workshops in more than 185 schools in india and abroad.
  • ISO Certified Company – ISO 9001:2015
  • We have given more than 210 branches in india and abroad.
  • Our programs have been telecasted on many TV Channels like ETV, Z News, DD National etc.
  • We have organized seminars and workshops in more then 19 states of India.
  • More then 1,76,000 students have been benefited with the knowledge of DMIT and MidBrain by Team 360 in india and abroad.
  • Our company’s managing director Mr. D.D. Sharma got recognized on 28 April 2017 at Internation Level and got “Gold Star Award” by Chief Patron I.I.I. Dr. Howard Jacobson Orlendo, Florida, USA.
  • Our Director got recognized by honourable governer of Rajasthan Shri Kalyan Singh ji.
  • We are having more then 900 live videos of school seminars and workshops on youtube.
  • Our team is using 100% accurate updated software.
  • We support 100% company growth, model.
  • Our policies for customers are long term and transparent.
  • Our installed system is easy to use.
  • You will always get the support from our expert team member.
  • At Team 360, you will also get a chance to create your own company network under your brand name.

Apart from the above reasons, we are also having more than 210 branches spreaded accros India and abroad also. Our company also conduct training workshops like Neuro Linguastic Program, Parenting, Principals of attraction, DMIT counseling and more. We are also having several leading schools covered for workshops. The above factors and our dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test cost make us one of the best DMIT companies in India and we are proudly serving peoples to help them in identifying their little one’s ability.

Test Benefits of DMIT :

This test can be performed for any age group to recognize the best career for growth. It mainly can be done by fingerprint test for a career. This test will help you to decide your little one’s career. This test can be performed in different age groups like; Age group of 1-12 years children

  • It will help you in visual and sensory development.
  • Parent’s can easily identify the learning patterns and also about the strength and weakness so that they can plan their future in a more better way.
Age group of 13-25 years
  • It allows you to build a career in knowing the interesting subjects and stream.
  • Parent’s will be able to differentiate child’s interest and ability.
  • They will also know the dominance of brain that is right and left as far as psychology is concerned.
For Parents
  • This test will help parents to customize the children’s learning pattern and their nature.
  • By this test parent’s can develop a healthy relationship with kids.
  • Last but not the least, this test will also help the students to maximize their concentration level in study.
Adult Professionals
  • This test will help to lead a better success by identifying the skills.
  • Adults can also build confidence and will become more self-aware.
Age group of 25+
  • This test will help in keeping the negative behavior and thoughts away.
  • It will help you to understand the person’s nature and also eliminate the miscommunication.

This will also make a person more responsible and develop the best relationship in family.