DMIT Course

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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test can reveal a person’s intrinsic qualities and talents and is a very helpful tool which provides scientific guidance about Career Counseling.


This PDF Course is created in the guidance of DMIT Experts of India. Through PDF Course on DMIT, you can learn this technique on very low cost.


Course Content

  1. Concept of DMIT
  2. Scientific Basis of DMIT
  3. Benefits of DMIT
  4. DMIT Counseling and Report Generation
  5. How to Convert DMIT Report in Hindi
  6. Brief Analysis of DMIT Report
  7. DMIT Research Paper
  8. Personality Identification
  9. Types of Finger Prints
  10. How to Take Fingerprints
  11. Characteristics of Fingerprints
  12. Fingerprint Classification
  13. Career Counseling by Scientific Analysis of Finger Prints
  14. About Intelligence
  15. About 4 Quotients
  16. About 4 Personality
  17. About 3 Learning Patterns
  18. About Thinking Style
  19. About Brain Lobes
  20. About Cerebral Cortex
  21. How to Convince Parents and School Principles for Midbrain and DMIT
  22. FAQ by Parents, Teachers and TV Channels ON DMIT & Midbrain Activation

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