MidBrain Activation Franchise | Midbrain Activation Franchise in India

There are many organizations in India who are offering MidBrain Activation Franchise to the persons or business people interested in this field. The question arises, why a person should go for such Midbrain Activation Franchise in India or what is the term Mid Brain Activation stands for. Let us first clear the term, i.e. Mid Brain Activation.  The purpose of Mid Brain Activation is to awaken the child’s maximum potentials and to tap the hidden genius in a child. Activating Mid Brain at a young age allows kids to utilize their complete potentials throughout their life. Since the Mid Brain is responsible for communication between the left and right hemisphere of the brain, the process of activating the Mid Brain will result in better communication with the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It also allows both left and right brain to be used simultaneously. If you go into details of life stories of the famous personalities, you will be surprised to note that the real cause of the success of such persons is the use of both hemispheres of the brain, i.e right brain as well as left brain simultaneously. Usually, at the time of birth, a person’s hemispheres are fully active. As and when the age of a child increases, the dominance of the right hemisphere of his / her brain decreases and his / her left brain starts dominating gradually over his / her right brain. Through Mid Brain Activation workshop, his / her right brain starts activated so that his / her latent skills are utilized to the maximum possible.

Midbrain Activation Franchise in India

Nowadays, there is increased awareness amongst the parents about the Mid Brain Activation. Therefore the parents are keenly interested to look out for the competent Midbrain Activation Franchise in India or the organizations who deal in this field.  For this purposes, our organization, whose Corporate and Marketing Office is situated in Jaipur (Rajasthan). We claim that we are among the best Midbrain Activation Franchise in India because we are the only organization which offers excellent “After-Sales-Services”. If any of our Franchisee faces any difficulty, viz. Softer does not function properly or explaining the concept to Owners / Directors of a very big school where more than 3000 students are studying etc. In such cases, we make necessary technical support available to the Franchisees and ensure that they progress in their business in an excellent way.

Midbrain Activation Franchise Lowest Price

So far, we have already awarded Franchise throughout India, and even to some persons abroad also. Don’t worry about Midbrain Activation Franchise Fees, It was made possible by us just because we offer Midbrain Activation Franchise Lowest Price possible compared to the products coverage, “After-Sales-Services” and making our technical team available throughout tenure till the Franchisee is attached to with us. If the Franchisee wishes to implement this concept in any school, he can do so confidently due to our technical support to him as & when needed. For example, if he converts only two schools in a year & in each school he is able to convince 100 parents to undergo our Midbrain Activation Workshop with The Report (including its Free Counseling) and he charges Rs. 5,000 from each participant student, then just imagine his phenomenal profits from two schools in a year:- 100 X 2 = 200 Students @ Rs. 5000 each = Rs. 10,00,000 will be his total Revenue Receipt from both of the schools in a year. If he has spent Rs. 1,20,000 as a cost of taking our Franchisee + Rs. 80,000 towards other Misc. Expenses incurred on his Staff Salary, Printing Cost of Report, etc, then still he is earning Rs. 8,00,000 per annum; i.e. Rs. 70,000/- (Approx.) per month income. In this way, we are offering the most cost-effective package to our Franchisees. This calculation does not include the charges he is receiving for Reports being made by him to the individual customers which he approaches directly (excluding schools). So you don’t need to be worried about Midbrain Activation Franchise Price because from Team 360 you will get DMIT Franchise and Midbrain activation franchise lowest price with complete course material.

Why join our Franchise?

  • Our company is a Private Limited Company incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 as amended from time to time. Its registered office is also situated at Sikar Road, JAIPUR (Rajasthan). The company is in operation since its incorporation in 2012 onwards.
  • The Company is also ISO 9001: 2015 certified organization. This status is accredited by us recently. Being ISO 9001: 2015 certified organization which is latest in the industry; we are certified and validated as a provider of exceptional quality of services to our clients.
  • We perform all of our activities based on “20 Years’ Vision Document”.
  • We have been providing our services for the last 8 years in the field of Midbrain Activation, QSR, NLP, and other Advanced Courses.
  • Moreover, so far, in more than 170 schools we have already conducted Workshops & Seminars which have benefitted more than 1,76,000 students in a phenomenal manner.
  • We have already awarded more than 200 Franchisees within India and abroad as well.
  • So far, our team members have been invited to present their programs on more than 25 T.V. Channels.
  • The Directors of Team 360 Mr. Vineet Sharma and Mr. Vipul Sharma has been honored by the Honorable Governor of Rajasthan, Mr. Kalyan Singh Ji.
  • Our company is the only company in India, whose more than 1300 Video’s relating to our various programs/activities are available on YouTube Channel.
  • Our company is the only company which provides “After Sales Service” & B2B and B2C Support.
  • We are the only company in this field which provides two different types of certificates to our Franchisees after undergoing TWO Days vigorous and intensive workshop, out of which one Certificate bears the authentication of Government of India also.
  • The Managing Director of our company Mr. D. D. Sharma is the only Indian so far who has been proudly conferred a prestigious “GOLD STAR AWARD” by International Institute of Infinitism, Florida, U.S.A.
  • Our Managing Director had been working as a very Senior Officer in Government of Rajasthan and now he is fully dedicated to this noble cause of Social Welfare after taking Voluntary Retirement from the Govt. job.
  • Team 360 publishes the “Success Stories” of its Franchisees in a Newspaper on a weekly basis.
  • Many Principals of the Secondary & Senior Secondary Schools are also associated with us as a team member.

Benefits of our Franchise

We have already made crystal clear through above-mentioned details what are various Benefits of our Franchise rather than any other person’s franchise. If any person or organization wishes to go through about our latest activities, they can go to our Youtube Channel, name “Team 360 Degree” and go through more than 1300 videos altogether. We keep on adding many videos in a routine manner. For any telephonic queries, you may reach out to us on above mentioned Mobile Numbers. Alternatively, you may send us your queries through our e-mail address, We will be certainly pleased to reply to all of our queries. Scientific research has proved that even a person as intelligent as Albert Einstein does not use more than 10% of his total brain capacity. The MidBrain Activation has the potential to transform children with average intelligence into highly intelligent individuals, and capable children into outstanding kids. This workshop aims not only at improving the IQ of children but also their EQ. It also helps a child to achieve emotional balance. You can apply for Midbrain Activation Franchise here : Apply Now