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Expert & well trained people on the technical aspects of DMIT are always available at Team 360 so that DMIT Test could be conducted for the concerned parents & educators. If anybody contacts at Team 360, total cost (including its satisfactory counseling by the trained experts) will be much lesser, compared to its consequential benefits. The total expenses to be incurred on this entire task, i.e. DMIT Test are worth paying, i.e. to say value for money. Usually this Test is conducted for the Students and other interested persons who are concerned about knowing the hidden & inborn talents of their wards.

Left Brain
Right Brain

How DMIT Test Can Help You?

  • To identify the inborn talents & innate abilities of a child.
  • To detect the most appropriate learning method (i.e. “by listening” or by “seeing the images” or by “writing the matter repeatedly”) so that the method of imparting knowledge could be modified suitable accordingly.
  • To know the dominance of Brain (whether Right or Left Brain is more dominant)
  • Select a particular area based on hidden potentials of a child.
  • Enlighten you about Multiple Intelligence of your child.
  • Adopt appropriate parenting techniques.
  • Choose the Activities which are most suitable based upon their Multiple Intelligence and innate abilities.
  • Maintain smooth & healthy relationship between kids & parents vis-a-vis his / her peers.
  • Identify your child’s Personal Quotients; i.e. C.Q.; S.Q.; I.Q.; E.Q.; A.Q.;

Contact Team 360 today for DMIT Test in your City today. Now if you are keen to know about the inborn talents of your children and are interested to decide their most appropriate career path, then the charges for DMIT Test to be paid to Team 360 is just a meager amount, keeping in mind the cost of choosing a wrong career path for your loved ones. In this way the cost of DMIT Test in India is worth paying and justifiable.

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