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DMIT Experts at Team 360 are always available to provide DMIT Test in Jaipur and other cities of India. It will be much economical if you contact Team 360 in JAIPUR. The charges of Team 360 include satisfactory counseling also. In this way the DMIT Test Cost in Jaipur is worth paying. i.e. to say value for money. Usually this Test is conducted for the Students and other interested persons who are concerned about knowing the hidden talents of their wards.

Why DMIT Test is Important?

Literally almost all the parents are always worried about the future of their children; which is most suitable career option? Sometimes, we find that the parents are imposing their wishes while choosing the career option for their children. If the father could not become Doctor or Chartered Accountant or Engineer etc., he certainly insists that his child must become Doctor or C.A. or Engineer etc. Without having proper knowledge about the inherent talents, strengths or weakness of their children. if the children are pressurized by their parents to study a particular stream its consequences may be sometimes disastrous.  We very often read in Newspapers that a student committed suicide as he / she could not sustain the academic pressures or could not secure the marks according to the expectations of the parents.

Left Brain
Right Brain


All of the above mentioned problems could be solved through DMIT TEST. Now we elaborate about the “Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test” (D.M.I.T.). The term “Dermatoglyphic” consists of two words. Derma means Skin and Glyphics means prints / images. It means the test conducted by scanning & then taking the printouts of skin’s images (i.e. Fingerprints). During the DMIT Test, ridges of one finger of the hand are scanned from three different angles; thus total 30 finger-prints are taken of all 10 fingers and the scanned data is stored in a Laptop / P.C. Then a detailed Scientific Report is prepared.

The Report contains many important aspects of the person under test, viz. the details about the Strengths and Weaknesses of the concerned person’s personality traits; dominance of Right Brain or Left Brain; learning mode, whether the person can learn better “by listening” or by “seeing the images” or by “writing the matter repeatedly”.

Career Counseling by DMIT through Scientific Analysis of Fingerprints

If the proper learning mode of a person is exactly detected, then it will be much easier to impart educational materials. Finger-prints remain unchanged during life time of a person. DMIT can reveal a person’s intrinsic qualities and talents and is a very helpful tool which provides a scientific guidance about Career Counseling. Contact Team 360 today for DMIT Test in Jaipur. There are many parents who are so keen to know about the hidden talents of their children that for such parents the meager amount charged by Team 360 may be just peanut amount, keeping in mind the cost of choosing a wrong career for their loved ones. In this way the DMIT Test in Jaipur is worth paying and justifiable.

In order to imbibe the quality & standardized education, the educators in India are desperately trying to take the help of advanced countries such as USA, JAPAN, SINGAPORE etc. since it has already helped to improve the students’ Academic Standards to a great extent in these advanced countries. The D.M.I.T. is one such tool usually adopted by the educators, parents and the Social Welfare Organizations, viz. NGOs etc. In this era of information explosion (which was made possible due to spread of easy access of Internet by the masses in India), the parents are certainly interested to know the hidden talents of their wards so that he / she could face the ever increasing challenges of the competitive world and successfully withstand it. In view of above facts, it is but natural for such parents “What will be DMIT Test Cost in Jaipur ?

In order to help such parents for DMIT Test as well as its most reliable counseling by the experts at our Centers, we strongly advise them to contact us by following inquiry form.

Benefits of DMIT Test

  • Know your child Inborn Talent.
  • Select specific Activities based upon innate potential of your child.
  • Identify your child Multiple Intelligence.
  • Improve cordial relationship between parents and children & his / her peers.
  • Know your child’s Personal Quotients; i.e. I.Q.; E.Q.; A.Q.; C.Q.; S.Q.
  • Get your Preferred Learning Style Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.
  • Identify preferred or best learning style of your child; i.e. Auditory “by listening” or Visual by “Seeing the images” or Kinesthetic by “writing the matter repeatedly”.

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